Screwtech (WKT) is AGM’s unique solution partner in the Far East. Miniature Ball Screws, which they have been supplying to their domestic market for years, have allowed the company to specialize in this field. Therefore, with the production volumes it has reached and its expertise and experience in the sector, it has gained the upper hand of its peers. Despite its high production capability and reasonable prices, its ability to provide the same quality as European equivalent products has created a partnership opportunity for AGM.

Today, the Screwtech brand has taken part in the projects we have carried out with the valuable institutions of our country and together, we’ve been greatly successful. Thanks to Screwtech, AGM develops not only standard products, but also special design products according to the special requests of customers especially in the aviation and defense industries. This special relationship has made AGM the sole authorized distributor of Screwtech in Turkey.

The nut diameters of Miniature Ball Screws, produced by Screwtech, start from 4mm, while the pitch size starts from 1mm. Besides these mind-blowing dimensions, the pitch accuracy has astonishing values like ±52µm/300mm.

Supporting AGM and its customers not only in production and supply but also in design and R&D, Screwtech provides unique advantages. Special Designs, special coatings and special sizes, which are not possible with large manufacturers, are made possible by our supply partner, who is a boutique expert of the sector.

We look forward to taking part in the critical production adventures of our country and completing more projects with Screwtech as they share our passion for engineering and success!

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