Fluro – Gelenklager GmbH is an industrial parts manufacturer founded in Germany in 1973 and started producing rod ends and spherical plain bearings in 1976. The company, which has been continuing its production activities for more than 40 years, continues to be managed by the third generation of the family.

 One of our solution partners, which confirms AGM's boutique supplier approach, is Fluro – Gelenklager GmbH located in Germany. Providing niche solutions for rod ends and rod types, Fluro has succeeded in establishing itself in many companies and applications in Turkey. Offering optimal lead times and affordable prices without sacrificing quality, this brand is a very effective alternative for our market.

 Rod ends are among the products which Fluro specializes in. These rod ends offer solutions to OEM applications with many different options. Conforming to DIN ISO 12240-4 Standards, these rod ends are available in female and male types. It can also be supplied as 440-stainless steel and 52100-standard chrome bearing steel. One of the advantages of boutique manufacturers is that they have prior know-how in the desired application. For example, maintenance-free rod ends take their place in the FLURO product range for applications where maintenance is not possible. Likewise, in order to meet the requirements from sensitive applications such as motor sports to heavy-duty applications such as iron and steel, numerous types and features meet end users in our country with the collaboration of Fluro – AGM.

 Another product type that Fluro, the solution partner of AGM, has proven themselves in, is Spherical (Plain) Bearings, which are preferred to be used together with other rod ends. These bearings are subject to very high-quality standards. High-speed turning capability, high durability and long service life are among the characteristic features of Fluro Spherical Bearings.

 Just like AGM, Fluro is meticulous in ensuring the quality of its raw material suppliers. This situation subjects the suppliers to very high-quality control standards and measurements so that the raw materials used meet our customer expectations. When this high material quality is combined with production and design expertise, it creates a wide and comprehensive product range that we can safely offer to our customers.

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