Our supply partner KRW, based in Leipzig, Germany, was founded in 1904. This firm has expertise in Needle Roller Bearings and Slewing Bearings for over 100 years. This firm underwent a complete transformation in 1993 to become the KRW we know today, in order to better serve its broad international client portfolio.

 KRW, one of the boutique supply partners of AGM, produces more than 900 types of bearings every year. In KRW’s portfolio, standard bearings are available in the 50mm to 1,500mm range. However, the issue that started the partnership between AGM and KRW is the company’s capacity to produce extraordinary solutions in cases where standard sizes and designs are insufficient. KRW provides unique and customer-specific manufacturing capabilities for large diameter slewing rings and needle roller bearings. This company, which also produces other bearing parts and accessories according to the requirements, creates very comprehensive supply conditions for our customers.

 Quality, R&D and flexibility in production make the KRW brand the ideal production partner at points where standard solutions are insufficient. In addition to AGM’s expert engineer staff, KRW’s experts also have superior experience and know-how in bearing design and applications. In this way, we not only supply special products, but also provide our customers with project and design consultancy. Thanks to the boutique and medium-sized nature of the company, we provide very serious advantages in terms of both lead time and customer/supplier service.

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