SSB is the manufacturing branch of the American Ritbearing Corp. The company has specialized in the production of both standard and Special Design (custom) Thin Section Bearings since 1987.

 The AGM – SSB collaboration has emerged from the search for effective cost-effective and serial solutions to the exponentially increasing demand for metric Thin Section Bearings. These products are indispensable for applications where high precision and efficient design are required. In this product line, inch scale products are much more common around the world, so metric size thin section bearings have in time become boutique and hard-to-reach products. AGM has determined that the increased useage of metric measurements in modernized designs in Europe and our country has become widespread and has sought a reliable solution partner to be preferred in many important applications.

SSB has been a breath of fresh air for us and our users, offering highly flexible supply solutions and engineering support compared to the limiting delivery times and restrictive minimum order quantities of global manufacturers. Today, we are proud of having accomplished many of the leading projects of our country in partnership with SSB. AGM, the official representative of SSB in Turkey, produces unique solutions for all Metric Thin Section Bearing requirements.

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