TOLLOK, the Locking Assembly manufacturer has now become a member of Rexnord companies groupand has become a great solution provider for AGM. Alongside general industrial implementations, Tollok manufactures Locking Assemblies which are often preferred in the power generation and processing industries. These locking assemblies which are offered by AGM, guarantee unique success in regards to connecting rotating axles and shafts, conducting torque transmisson, preventing vibrations and deformations that can come about in shafts.

By courtesy of the TOLLOK brand’s experience of more than 40 years, technologies and specialties that the company has, we offer the best solutions to our customers. Due to supreme qualities, TOLLOK products not only offer optimal performance, but also do offer maximum life time as well.

Thanks to TOLLOK’s experience of over 40 years, and also their tremendeous technological benefits, AGM is able to offer the most optimal solutions to its’ esteemed customers. Lengthy lifetime is also another guaranteed feature.

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