Nowadays the UNIBAL brand, which has been a familiar name since the 1950s, proceeds its activities under framework of RBC France. UNIBAL specialized in the fields of Rod Ends, Spherical Plain Bearings, and many other suspension products.

 Today almost all industrial (bearing) manufacturers are able produce rod ends, ball joints and spherical plain bearings. The unique advantage of UNIBAL products is tremendeous know-how and irreplaceable quality. Another distinction from its alternatives is the fact that UNIBAL manufactures miniature products with inner diameters starting from 2 mm. For AGM, the most important quality is that they’re able to support us with custom, project-based inquiries. They can maintain their superior quality and help us navigate tough projects which seem otherwise unsolvable. Like with many of our other brands, this understanding coincides with our “custom” supply approach and we’re very glad to have a niche brand like UNIBAL in our supplier network.

All sorts of high precision applications ranging from defense-aeronautics, to Formula 1 race automobiles can all be resolved with UNIBAL. With the collaboration between AGM and UNIBAL, these Rod Ends, Ball Joints and Spherical Plain Bearings are ready to take on the most complex challenges.

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