GRW (Gebr.Reinfurt Würzburg)

Our joint venture with one of the most dedicated and experienced miniature ball bearings manufacturers GRW, began in 1993. The AGM – GRW collaboration has allowed for countless different projects to be resolved with GRW’s exclusive products. Bearings can be found all around the world with ranging quality standarts. However GRW’s design and manufacturing proccess resembles that of a work of art, and this in fact paved the way for a great friendship, between our companies that would last decades.

 AGM meticulously follows GRW’s innovation-based miniature bearing production and designs, meets the demands in the Turkish Market and continuously develops this long-term cooperation.

 AGM, which made the necessary adjustments in order to develop itself in 1993 to specialize in the field of miniature bearings, keeps GRW’s standard deep groove ball bearings in both metric and inch sizes. With inner diameters starting from 1 mm and varying up to 30 mm, periodically shares catalogues about these sensitive products, organizes training meetings, and visits GRW’s R&D and production center in Germany with its customers during critical project processes.

 Today, in the most strategic projects, AGM can offer serious support with fully customized products produced by GRW and put its signature under a different approach in supplying bearings.

AGM’s strive for great quality goes hand in hand with GRW’s production approach.

GRW products are technically suitable for all options within the tolerance range of P0-P2 for the ISO standard and ABEC1-ABEC9 for the ABEC standard, within the scope of GRW’s ISO (International Organization For Standardization) and ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineering Committee) norms.

 In addition, other options offered by GRW can be listed as follows;

 Possibility of corrosion resistance at a level above stainless thanks to stainless steel type miniature bearings in different quality standards, Si3N4 and ZrO2 type ceramic ball options and bearings that can be manufactured from SV = X30CrMoN15 cronidur material, VZ = Viton, TS =Teflon, RS =Plastic, ZR = Steel cover options, bearings with a contact angle of 15-20-25 degrees, <> DB Back to back, >< DF Face to face, Duplex bearings in Tandem (FT) and Universal (U) configurations, Temperature resistant miniature bearings in the range of -270 degrees Celsius / + 450 degrees Celsius, Miniature bearings with superior speed capacity from 5000 rpm to 500000 rpm, operationally, over 100 different oil, grease and oil film options or dry (dry) bearings, full complement miniature bearings with or without bearing cages made of different materials such as phenolic, stainless steel, chrome steel.

 Another advantage that bearings produced by GRW in cooperation with AGM can provide is the performance and quality tests applied at every stage of production. These tests can be reported, and all calculations requested by our customers can be made in parallel with the full sharing of the usage and working conditions of the bearing. In addition, sound testing, verification of pre-loading and tolerance values, packaging for sterilization and clean room applications are carried out without exception in accordance with production standards.

 Did you know that these miniature bearings are used in many applications that cannot be seen or noticed in our daily lives?

 Let’s give you a few examples;

 While cruising on highways, you usually see wind mills belonging to meteorology enterprise at at various. These wind mils have been operating with precision bearings produced by GRW for many years and can clearly measure wind values at the lowest and highest speeds in all-season climatic conditions.

 2 GRW brand bearings with a speed capacity of up to 500,000 rpm are used in the dental turbine head (Air-Rotor), which is essential for a dentist to perform dental care. Because GRW is one of the bearing manufacturers accredited to global manufacturers such as KaVo – NSK and WH, which are the major brands in the world dental turbine production.

 In our daily social and professional lives, many precision equipment such as drills, electric screwdrivers, cordless fabric cutting machines, natural gas and electricity meters, 3D printers, hard disk drives, drones and similar aircraft, motor starters, control mechanisms and binoculars are also among the uses of GRW miniature bearings.

 AGM has experimented GRW’s very efficient solutions for applications which are exposed to corrosive substances such as salt water, drinking water, city water, blood, acid and alkaline liquids, and presented them to the end users of our country and was able to provide serious customer satisfaction.

Another AGM – GRW venture that we can proudly share is our participation in the first independent satellite system produced in our country. With this independent satellite project, long-term and organized studies, the high-performance of the flawless products of our GRW brand has been approved by the TUBITAK Space Technologies Research Institute, which is the end user of the product. The equipment in the project, in which these bearings are used, are the first national products with a space history designed and produced in Turkey.

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