Vacuum Infusion Consumables

Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals



•             Seamless and Welded Pipes
•             Butt-Weld Fittings
•             Forged Fittings
•             Branch Fittings
•             Split Tees, Y Pieces
•             Barred Tees, Flanges
•             Spectacle Blinds
•             Insulation Joints
•             Fasteners and Gaskets
•             Compact Flanges and Clamp
Connectors  Materials
•             Carbon Steel
•             Low Temp. Carbon Steel
•             High Yield Carbon Steel
•             Chrome Moly Alloys
•             Stainless Steel
•             Duplex and Super Duplex
Stainless Steel
•             High Nickel Alloys Titanium
and Monel
Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals
We are highly experienced in creating innovative and cost-effective solutions for you as an upstream or downstream company in the petroleum sector. We can provide solutions for the followings:
01     Crude Oil
•             Two and Three Phase Separation Equipment
•             Indirect Heaters (Convective / Water Bath
•             Heater Treaters (Mechanical / Electrostatic)
•             Electrostatic Desalters
•             Early Production Facilities
02    Gas
•             Dehydration (TEG/MEG)
•             Amine Sweetening
•             Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU)
•             Vapor Recovery Units (VRU)
•             Hot Oil System

Mining, Minerals & Steel

Mining, Minerals & Steel
We deliver and service comprehensive, powerful and reliable material handling, mineral processing, water and waste water, and renewable energy systems, based on technologies of our principals and partners.
Bulk Material Handling Systems
Bulk Material Handling Systems
Conveyor Belt Systems (Design, Supply & Erection)
Loading, Unloading, Stacking, Reclaiming, and Feeding
Mineral Processing
Crushing, Milling, Screening, Washing, and Pelletizing Plants
Plant Optimization
Underground Mining
Drilling, Excavating, and Conveying
Steel Mills
Graphite Electrodes, and EAF Optimization






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