THK is one of our most valuable brands and business partnerships that adds value and guides AGM on its way to our goal of providing maximum customer satisfaction, and we would like to share our belief that the cooperation of AGM and THK can definitely take a place in your projects.

In today’s competitive conditions, automation undoubtedly has the most important place in providing standard, fast, safe and efficient production conditions. THK has been an unrivaled leading actor since its establishment in Japan in 1971, in the adventure of inventing and producing linear guide and linear rail technology in the world. In the Turkish market, AGM continues to be a steady supplier as an official agent of THK.

Cooperation between AGM and THK has brought forth several optional supply conditions of narrow-wide, miniature-standart, ball bearing-roller bearing, stainless-plated of LM Guide and Rail systems which can be accounted as the backbone of linear motion, besides it has brought forth a talent of a wide range of ground (C3-C5 class), rolled (C7-C10 class) and sensitively rolled class ball screw  (CP5R) which is THK’s special product, both having standard diameter and pitch, and customer specific design and size. Except these two main products, over 20.000 different products have been put into service in many different industries.

THK, which seriously pays attention to both the protection as well as the facilitation of human life, is able to provide to protect all buildings such as houses, industrial facility, public buildings from destructive earthquake effects by seismic isolation systems. CLB (Linear Re-Circulating Guide) and RDT (Viscous Damping Systems) systems, harboring LM Guide and Rail technologies at the center, absorb shocking charges coming at the moment of earthquake, and enable the buildings standing by procuring linear motion.  

THK has been amongst companies which have usage and highest recognition level in the field of high-quality, performance, highly numbered production capacity, ball joint equipment, steering linkage, stabilizer bars, wishbone suspension elements, rod ends in the world automotive sector. AGM keeps bringing together that product range, which THK has specialized, with its users in our country as well.

With functionality and added-value created, multi-axis horizontal and vertical machining centers, progressed and manufactured in all world countries and in our country, are from main branches of AGM and THK collaboration. By making no concessions from principles of “well-recognition – credibility” and “availability”, THK conducts productive activities in 36 locations throughout the world. In addition, without location difference, THK has generated potentials of supplying either OEM (production) or MRO (maintenance) based demands through its own branch offices and global agents. Thus, AGM, within the scope of that policy of THK, delicately and pursuingly maintains optimum activities of stock keeping for all THK branded products which are in need in our country as well.

Cage Ball LM Guides and Rails has been developed by THK for the first time in the world. That technology blocked metal & metal contact existing in standard Ball LM Rails, and it ensured longer life time in such a manner that quieter, more rigid, less inunction necessity. Moreover, in those Cage Ball LM Guides, possibilities of more productive and easy maintenance and possibilities of montage and disassembly have been brought together by means of cage and eclipses in the guide balls and rollers which ensure motion. 

AGM offers maximum isolation against negative contamination factors such as dust and sawdust created by THK for linear technologies, and automatic lubricating kits developed for systems which are used at the unavailable points, unsurpassed coating options, and stainless product options in the way of project-based and optionally.

AGM also offers specific solutions in order to combat contamination even in the most extreme applications. Special lubrication, stainless materials, unique seals etc. are only some of the many spesifications available in order to meet customer needs flawlessly. AGM and THK are standing strong together and are ready to overcome new challenges each and every day !

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