Our EZO brand, which is located both in Japan and the United States, provides serious advantages to us and our valuable customers. EZO is a sub-brand of Sapporo Precision INC., one of the leading organizations in the industry since 1969, covering Miniature Bearings in inch and metric series.

 AGM and EZO’s cooperation, which has been developing every year since 2014, offers us a new perspective on Miniature Bearings. Being able to provide alternative supply conditions in many respects such as price, origin and delivery time in line with customer requests further reinforces our claim on customer satisfaction.

 EZO offers alternatives in many aspects such as the materials used, the preferred measurement unit, capped-retained-sealed designs, miniature or medium sizes. EZO Miniature Bearings supplied by Akar Rulman are manufactured from 52100-chrome bearing steel or 440-stainless steel. The outer diameter dimensions begin from 2.5mm and reach up to 30mm. These miniature bearings can also be supplied in flanged (outer ring) form. In addition to all these options, this product group and EZO products in general are supplied with the assurance of AGM.

 Intangibles such as a passion for engineering, business ethics and the desire to constantly go one step further, which all hold important places in Japanese culture, fully coincide with the vision of AGM. Therefore, our ambition to provide high-quality, long durability, high precision and performance is clearly demonstrated by our solution partner EZO. EZO not only supplies us and therefore our valuable users with products, but also provides expertise and “know-how” on many technical matters such as load rating, preload, clearance and frictional force.

 EZO Miniature Bearings (inner diameter < 10mm) and “extra” miniature bearings (inner diameter 0.6-2.5mm) are preferred in many different fields. With the unique ways of AGM, unique solutions are produced for Dental-Medical, Aerospace, Defense Industry, Automation, Food, Packaging, Agriculture and many other mechanical – robotic applications.


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