Electrical contacts for medium and high voltage

AGM is able to offer customers both the single sintered contact and the assembled finished contact, such as the tulip and the arc pin, to name two. The company provides various qualities of sintered products based on their applications: 
W60Cu40, W70Cu30, W75Cu25, and W80Cu20.

For high-voltage applications, the company is equipped with an electron beam welding machine to
assemble contacts. Using the back-casting technique allows the fusion of the two materials without
adding a soldering alloy, thus, maintaining unaltered the mechanical properties of the substrate.
This technology is used more and more to save on raw materials, of which the costs are ever increasing.

AGM also produces copper chromium (CuCr) electrical contacts for vacuum interrupters with
various compositions from . The company offers a wide range of high-density products that allow
greater hardness, higher conductivity, and lower gas content.