Over 90 years of experience with maximum precision! The GMN brand is a family business based in Nuremberg, Germany, currently maintained by the fourth generation. This brand specializes in many product groups such as ball bearing types, spindles, one-way clutches and seals with high precision expectations.

 The partnership of AGM and GMN has enabled the creation of unique solutions for many end users in Turkey. Thanks to the joint experience and expertise of AGM and GMN, the most efficient products are supplied on a regular basis, especially in the aerospace, defense industries and similar applications where high precision is required.

 Angular Contact Bearings are perhaps the most prominent of the products that AGM imports through GMN. These bearings (spindles) were updated in design and technical features in GMN in 2010 and reached features far above the competition. With this update, the inner ring geometry of Angular Contact Bearings has been optimized and they have achieved higher rotational ability.

 The wide product range of the GMN brand includes many standard size solutions. In addition to this, the company offers completely unique solutions with special design and customized capabilities according to customer requests, to end users in Turkey with the assurance of AGM. These high-performance bearings ensure stability, ease of design, high-speed and long service life.

 GMN brand angular contact and deep groove ball bearings, which we supply as AGM, consist of a special design and synthesis of the highest-level materials. The inner and outer rings of these bearings are produced from high-quality bearing steel (Chrome-100 CR 6). These bearings, which continue to operate up to 150°C in regular use, can be used safely up to 180°C in short-lived applications. In terms of hardness, they posses values of 60-64 HRC

 One of the most recent areas where AGM has started to produce solutions with GMN is industrial one-way clutches (Sprag – One Way Clutches). GMN’s nearly 100 years of experience in machine tool manufacturing has led the brand to develop and specialize in a new product line. In this way, GMN has succeeded in breaking new ground in efficient and long-lasting one-way clutches.

 AGM’s understanding of supply and GMN’s production philosophy are quite similar: maximum precision, maximum stability and maximum satisfaction. This way, we have succeeded in putting our signature to great projects of the respected institutions of our country.

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