Despite its niche product range, SMALLEY has more than 100 years of experience and is the world’s leading Wave Washer and Springs manufacturer. This company, which is one of the niche solution partners of AGM, has succeeded in being one of the pioneers of the bearing industry in terms of sustainability and environmentalism, as well as its extraordinary discipline.

 These Wave Washers and Rings, which can be used together by playing a “complementary” role for almost every type of bearing offered by AGM, are frequently preferred in many industries. SMALLEY manages to keep more than 10,000 types of carbon and stainless steel products in its stocks on a regular basis, thus providing serious advantages in supply. Besides these products, we have successfully completed many customized orders with our SMALLEY brand so far. We offer the most ideal solutions to our customers with advantages such as free samples, engineering support and rapid prototyping.

Wave Washers and Rings, offered by AGM under the SMALLEY brand, meets its users in many fields of activity, especially in the aviation, defense, medical-dental and energy sectors.

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