NB (Nippon Bearing)

Although its foundation was laid in 1939, NB (Nippon Bearing) gained its current name and shape in 1963. This company of Japanese origin has managed to position itself among the world’s leading brands with its expertise in Linear Systems. NB’s Linear System products, which received many international design and quality awards; With the assurance of AGM since 2016, has taken its place in the applications of its valuable users in Turkey. NB, which has recently gathered its R&D, production and sales areas under one roof, provides more efficient and faster service to its customers.

 The Linear System products that we supply as AGM allow linear movement with sliding and rotational movements. These products, whose designs are generally simple, have become indispensable for every industrial sector and application. Linear products from NB, the supply partner of AGM, benefit from the rotary motion of balls or rollers. Compared to conventional bearing types, dynamic friction in these systems has much lower values. NB ensures high load carrying capacity and long service life by using relatively large rollers or balls.

 NB Linear Rails & Guides are linear products with high precision and high rigidity. Even in applications with high loads, they provide numerous advantages, especially low friction, zero slip/stick, and smooth motion stability. Since they can provide this high functionality for long periods of use, they provide solutions for a wide range of demands. These demands cover everything from general industrial machinery to machinery applications requiring the highest precision.

NB Ball Splines, another product group supplied by AGM, provide continuous linear movement with the use of ball screw. This product is also used in a wide range from robotics to transportation sectors. The fact that Ball Splines can perform both rotary and linear movements simultaneously and compactly provides various advantages to its users.

Determining that the NB brand was the perfect fit for the Turkish market in 2016 and taking action, AGM offers unique solutions to its customers today, both with NB and other brands. This brand, which was not yet discovered a few years ago, has now taken its place in Turkey’s most valuable applications and projects.AGM is looking forward to the new milestones it will achieve with its valuable solution partner NB.

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